Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The department of Vaucluse in southern France

The Vaucluse is a department in southern France, more commonly known as “Provence”. In 1790 France was divided into 96 departments for administrative purposes. The central government in Paris is represented by each department, as well as a local government which overseas the department.

Vaucluse is bordered by the Rhône River to the west and the River Durance in the south, Mountains and rugged hills occupy a significant proportion of the eastern half of the department. It is these hills and mountains range called the Luberon, which are famous for their stone-housed hilltop villages, one of the more special attractions of Provence.
Fruit and vegetables are cultivated in great quantities in the lower-lying parts of the department, one of the most fertile plains in southern France. The vineyards of Cote du Rhone and Gigondas lie in the north-east corner of the Vaucluse region and offer some of the top wineries of the world.

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